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About Us

The company, Papadopouloi Bros. Ltd. was established in 1954. They specialize in medical and professional clothing. Knowing well the conditions and the requirements of our work we have based our production in:

  • understanding of your special needs
  • best quality of materials and production
  • the correct design for the proper use
  • the correct planning for the proper function
  • the proper presentation in premises

We create, we design and sewing in our own premises, and we collaborate with hospitals, clinics, industries, universities, hotels, laboratories, garages, confectioneries, health institutes, pharmacies and with every professional who wants to created to his own premises a special atmosphere.

Our Company has a lot of faithful and happy clients and serves doctors, radiologists, dentists, dental technicians, pharmacists, medical salesmen, physiotherapists, painters, sculptors, students of colleges and universities, food technologists, biotechnology industries, food packing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical co’s. , cleaning companies, catering, bakeries, production companies, restaurants, etc.

The materials we use are manufactured abroad according to our own designs and demands. They are of high quality. They are colour and washing resistible. They are manufactured according to the specifications of public and private companies. We provide you with our experience, our capability for an ideal combination of quality and cost and the trust that comes from the long-time cooperation. Trust us, because we know and we can offer you only the best. In Greece you receive our products by mail or courier.

Our company can undertake embroidery of signs and logos on our products. To do so you have to properly print your logo on a diskette or Cd-Rom.

For further information, please, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call us.