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Returns Policy


Non-Defective Product Returns Policy

Due to the nature of online shopping, it is often the case that the final recipient's expectations are not met by the product of his choice, due to the lack of physical contact with the item to be purchased.

As Papadopoulos Brothers OE, we try through the completeness of the product descriptions posted on not to leave dark spots creating misunderstandings.

In any case, the company undertakes to replace the product or refund the money.

Return Terms

1. The date of receipt of your order and the date of submission of the return request must not exceed 14 calendar days.
2. The product must not have been tampered with and be in its original (factory) condition.
3. OFFERS category products are not exchangeable or refundable.

Return process

1. If you are near our store in Athens or Thessaloniki

In this case, you can visit the store in your area and, after checking the condition of the product by the responsible employee, he himself will guide you on what to do next.

Replacement Terms

1. The product (we are referring to medical blouses, on-call-surgical uniforms and generally anything made of fabric) must not have been processed, washed, ironed

2. If you receive by post or courier

In this case:

Package the product so that it is protected during shipping.
Place inside the package that you have made a document in which you list the way in which you wish us to resolve the financial outstanding, if the product is deemed eligible for return-replacement.
Send the parcel, via the courier agency from which you received your order, to the attention of the Returns Department or by ELTA. Please note that return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
We would like to point out that in case the product does not meet the aforementioned conditions, it will be returned to the sender at the sender's expense.

For more information we are always at your disposal either by phone at 210 3835363, or by e-mail at